It was a fair spot by that Fountain’s side,1
Where rose the light kiosk by Mahmoud placed2
To speak of his good travel there—it graced 3
The scene and offered shade to horse and guide,4
Traveller and Tartar—while, in verdant pride,5
Fair trees stood round, and tenderly effaced 6
The sultry sunblaze there—while we retraced7
In talk our route, that interest keen supplied !8
Sweet draughts of fresh-drawn milk formed our repast, 9
And ripe rich grapes, that cooled the heat-parched throat ; 10
We bless’d the shadows o’er our rest thus cast, 11
And listened, pleased, to many a wild bird’s note !— 12
’Tis thus, we taste delight in our mid-haste,13
Not while we onwards press, but the hour to peace devote.14