Sandown Bay.

Oh, the summer sunshine1
Flooding Sandown Bay,2
Making gladness gladder3
While the children, play !4
Building mimic mountains,5
Digging mimic lakes,6
Leaving great things dearer7
For the small things’ sakes !8
Loud waves, grey and curling,9
Foam in freshening spray,10
God’s mysterious music11
Mingling with the play.12
All the broad sea’s glory.13
Dimly stretched away,14
Like that unknown story15
Children know some day.16
Rippling baby chatter !17
Sunny baby smiles !18
What can greatly matter19
While you keep your wiles ?20
Does God hear this music21
Mingling with the sea’s ?22
Does He love the laughter23
Sounding on the breeze ?24
A bouquet of roses wrapped in paper. 1/6 page width and approximately 1/8 page height.