A cloud upon the sky !1
Flowers close their cups, the butterfly his wing,2
The restless birds cease all at once to sing,3
The shiv’ring leaves foretell a shower is nigh,—4
Let the gray evening darken into night !5
To-morrow’s sun will only shine more bright,—6
Such clouds as this pass by !7
A cloud upon the brow !8
A palsy of the thoughts so free before,9
A sense of effort never known of yore,10
A sudden change ’twixt yesterday and now.11
If we would scan it, it eludes the sight,12
And yet our spirits own its subtle might,—13
Will this cloud pass, and how !14
A cloud upon the heart !15
What pleased so late has lost its charm to-day ;16
The trust undoubting seems misplaced and bold,17
The kindly words sound distant, stiff, and cold ;18
The form remains, the life has pass’d away,19
Each shrouded spirit acts its former part,20
Smile still meets smile, but heart is far from heart,—21
Will this cloud e’er depart ?22
What brought the clouds we mourn ?23
Was it some truth outspoken, love should hide ?24
Some want of reverence in a playful mood25
Some thought confided and not understood26
Some chill to feeling, or some shock to pride ?27
Enough—they ’r e risen—grief and tears are vain,28
After the darkness and the bursts of rain29
Such clouds as these return !30