A young tree blooms on a hillside among grasses, twigs, and wild flowers. A large mature tree stands adjacent with its canopy overhanging the smaller tree. The background features forested hills, a river, and two flying birds. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.


With an aching heart and a brain outweary,1
From his trembling fingers he tossed the pen,2
And climbed to the roof of his attic eyrie,3
And gazed far down on the city of men,4
And cried from above to the thronging people,5
Oh, little as ye seem, and vain and slight,6
Ye are smaller, slighter ’— and he turned to the steeple7
Meaner and vainer in your Maker’s sight ! ’8
Yea,’ the bell chimed from the sacred height.9
When death,’ he sighed, ‘ left my pillow lonely,10
And my whole life loveless, hither I came11
From our New World sierras—comforted only12
By a far-heard echo of fame and name,13
The siren voice of a phantom shrouded,14
But the mystic shape is with clouds o’erclouded,15
And her sweet strain silent. Proclaim, proclaim,16
What may it mean ?  Is it well, oh bell ?’17
And the voice from the steeple replied, ‘ It is well.’18
Once again he called to the Spirit in the Spire :19
If Fame forsake me as Love forsook,20
What is left of all of my heart’s desire21
But a buried bride and a foolish book ? ’22
The bell no more made answer hollow,23
But a fresh voice fell on the poet’s ear,24
A voice from the west, crying, ‘ Follow me, follow25
Flowers waken, birds warble, and streams run clear,26
Follow me, follow, for the Spring is here ! ’27
The poet followed the sweet-voiced zephyr28
To a gay green valley in the heart of the hills,29
At his feet there leaped a laughing river30
Crowned with thorn-blossom and daffodils :31
Two robins aloft on an elm were singing,32
Two wild doves o’er the stream were winging,33
And this song was wafted from welkin and rills34
And bird and blossom— ‘ Sad soul, be whole35
With a hope shall strengthen as the seasons roll.’36