Two Christmas Carols.

I. Archangelorum Laudes.


Hail to our brother Gabriel !1
Now we, thy brothers, Michael,2
And Raphael,3
And Uriel,4
Hail thee, come home from Israel.5


I saw among the lilies dwell6
Mary, our Queen : who pleaseth well7
The Spirit of our God. All hail,8
Mary, our Queen ! sing, thou in mail,9
Lord Michael !  Sing, Uriel, thou,10
Clothed with the sun upon thy brow !11
And sing thou, Hail ! whose pilgrims now12
Shall climb the glad ways out of Hell,13
Joy of poor pilgrims, Raphael !14


I, Captain of the Lord God’s Host,15
Give glory to the Holy Ghost :16
And give to Mary, loved of Him.17


I, brightest of bright Cherubim,18
Give thanks to Mary : and to Him,19
That Holy Child, Who shall be born,20
King Jesus Christ, on Christmas morn.21


I, Prince of burning Seraphim,22
Give praise, give praise, to Mary Queen :23
With whom the Grace of God hath been.24


Now play through Heaven the Angel bell :25
Make music of the Angelus !26
The King is come, to Israel :27
The Queen of Heaven is found, for us.28