Over a new-filled grave a maiden tender,1
Planted with tears and prayer a poplar slender.2
Grow, grow, fair tree,” she said,3
Lift to the stars thy head,4
Where dwells unseen my love ;5
Rise, ever rise above !6
Let every branch aspire,7
As do my arms, mine eyes,8
Till with my soul’s desire,9
Thy summit, mounting higher,10
Be hidden in the skies.11
O poplar !  on this dear mound ever show12
A faithful emblem of my love and woe.”13
Over a new-made grave a lover bending,14
A willow planted, every leaf down-tending.15
Droop low to weep,” he said,16
Above my blue-eyed maid ;17
Sad tree, still earthward bow,18
As doth my spirit now.19
Droop till thy verdant tresses20
The hallowed cold turf sweep,21
Mingling their light caresses22
With these my fond lip presses,23
Where my beloved doth sleep.24
O willow !  on this dear mound shalt thou grow,25
A faithful emblem of my love and woe.”26