Figure descriptions
Part of the lower ramparts of Quebec City, looking out toward the St. Charles Valley. In the foreground, artillery shells lie in the grass beside the remains of a stone wall. Tall poplar trees stand beyond the wall, and building roofs are visible beyond the poplars. Birds fly in the sky. The illustration caption indicates that the poplars mark the former site of the headquarters of the British Royal Artillery Officers. The St. Lawrence river is visible in the distance, and multiple boats sail on the water. The illustration caption is divided in two and set into blank rectangular spaces in the top-left and bottom-right corners of the illustration. Full page illustration partially contained in a single-ruled border.
The ditch and ramparts of Quebec City. Illustration depicts a view down the center of the ditch, which is bordered by stone ramparts on both sides. Grasses grow in the ditch and along the top edges of the walls. There is a small house in the background and hills in the distance. The illustration has a medium-weight border on the left and bottom edges, which resembles a shadow. 1/2 page.
The interior of the citadel plateau at Quebec City, looking over the St. Charles valley. A canon stands in the bottom-right corner of the illustration; it points toward the valley. The St. Lawrence river is in the background and the Laurentian mount range is visible in the distance. 1/2-page illustration contained within a medium-weight border.