In a Corn-Field.


Where the nodding grasses grow,1
Nodding to the waves below2
Where the poppies, all aglow,3
Streak the rye4
There I lie.5
Western breezes wander by.6
Western breezes rock the wheat,7
Wanton with the clover sweet.8
Summer joy would be complete,9
But that I10
Look and sigh,11
Missing thee among the rye !12
A man lies on his stomach on a grassy hill. The man’s face is obscured by shadows and his hat lies next to him in the grass. Behind him, there is a body of water and a seaside cliff. A fence stands at the top of the hill and there is a settlement in the distance. 3/4-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Where the cliffs, with backward sway,13
Show the morning on the bay,14
Silver-drest for holiday15
There I lie,16
Sea and sky17
Locked together dreamily.18
Banished memories arise,19
Singing tender melodies,20
Bring a mist before my eyes,21
Tread a measure,22
Through the leisure,23
Is it pain, or is it pleasure ?24