The Stock-Rider’s Grave

Figure descriptions
Illustration forms an upside-down and backward “L” shape on the lower half of the poem page. It forms a partial border around the poem text on the top and right edges. The border’s top edge depicts a scene overlooking a body of water. There is dense foliage on a slope adjacent to the water. The foliage includes trees, bushes, and logs. There are distant hills across the water. The border’s right edge depicts dense foliage which descends toward the water’s edge. There are lily pads floating on calm water. 1/2-page illustration partially contained within a dark, medium-weight border.
A small cross stands under a tree in a wooded area. A path cuts through grasses and wild flowers beside the wooded area. The path appears to lead toward a small clearing. 1/3-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border on the left, top, and right edges.