Dolly’s Garden.

This is Dolly’s garden,1
All her “ very own,”2
Every flow’r that’s in it3
By her hand was sown4
Never out of Eden5
Were such blossoms blown.6
Like her eyes those pansies,7
Deep and dark and blue8
As her soul those lilies,9
Pure and white and true10
Frail earth-flow’rs and fading—11
Dolly’s fading too.12
This was Dolly’s garden,13
Here I stand alone,14
Dolly’s tending blossoms15
Near the Great White Throne :16
Dolly now has heaven17
For her “ very own.”18
The god Pan lying on its stomach on the ground and playing a musical instrument, an aulos (a double flute). There are birds flying around Pan. 1/3 page contained in a single-ruled rectangular border.