Blue-bells and Robin’s eyes.”1
Who cries, who cries,2
Blue-bells and Robin’s eyes ?”3
A little maid with yellow hair,4
Peeping through a lattice pane,5
Rosy cheek’d and free of care,6
Up the village lane.7
Boy’s-love is maiden’s woe.”8
Who sighs, Ho ! Ho !9
Boy’s love is maiden’s woe ?”10
A damsel in the morning gray,11
In simple cottager’s attire,12
To a laddie in the May13
By the fragrant briar.14
A young woman gazes out a window at a man wearing a black hat and jacket. The man is facing away from the window. The woman’s right hand is raised to her lips and she slumps in her chair. There are voluminous curtains and a house plant inside the building. Outside, there is a fence, trees, and plants, as well as a building in the distance. 3/4-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Poppy and pimpernel15
Sort well, dames tell.”16
Poppy and pimpernel,”—17
Sang a maiden half asleep,18
Woe-begone, and spirit torn,—19
Pimpernel, in pity weep ;20
Poppy, lull till morn.”21
Heart’s-ease and white rose,22
Death comes, eyes close,23
Heart’s-ease and white rose.”24
In her grave the maid doth rest ;25
Broken is her heart of love ;26
The cold, cold clay upon her breast ;27
Evergreens above.28