“A Time to Dance !”

The Bridegroom has tarried long away,1
And his widowed Spouse is left2
To weep and bewail her Lord’s delay,3
For she feels herself bereft.—4
And is it a time to dance ?5
A foeman’s forces are round about6
The watch-tower where she stands7
The foeman that cast her husband out8
From His rightful fatherlands.—9
And is it a time to dance ?10
The bride looks down from her lofty height11
On the gathered troops below ;12
When her Lord returns, each man of might13
To His judgment-seat must go.—14
And is it a time to dance ?15
He hath left her at that lonely post,16
To unfurl, and wave on high,17
A banner of peace to all the host18
That are mustered there to die.—19
And is it a time to dance ?20
It is floating in the midnight blast,21
But the rebels drink or sleep ;22
And none there are, as the hours fly past,23
A watch with the Bride to keep.—24
And is it a time to dance ?25
They would have her to the festive scene26
That is spread upon the plain,27
But she is the banished Prince’s queen,28
Who must slay them, or be slain.—29
And is it a time to dance ?30
Oh, is it a time to tread their ground ?31
To chorus their revel-song ?32
To drown with laughter the signal-sound33
That the night gale bears along ?—34
Oh, is it a time to dance ?35
A woman (the Bride) sits atop a watch-tower and looks out upon a field of army troops. A white pennant flag flies at her side, and a wooden cross stands in the background atop a second turret. Below her, multiple figures gather among pointed tents. A river winds through their camp and into the background. In the distance, a beam of light breaks through the dark sky. 2/3 page.
She has stood aloof on her high tower,36
To listen, and to prepare37
For her Lord : and now, at this last hour,38
Shall the Bride make merry there ?—39
Is it yet a time to dance ?40
Hath her watch been long ? He draweth near,41
With His chosen, “ valiant men ;”42
If she hush her mirth, and bend her ear,43
She may know His step ; and then44
It will be “ a time to dance !”45