Du Maurier, George (M)

Surname: Du Maurier
Forename(s): George
b. 6 March 1834. d. 8 October 1896. Nationality: Anglo-French. VIAF.
Illustrator, translator, and novelist. Grandfather of the novelist Daphne Du Maurier. Born in Paris, where he studied art before moving to London. Regular illustrator for Punch. Author of the novel Trilby (1894). Biographical Information: DLB. (AC, DD)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 16
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Faristan and Fatima. An Oriental Legend, Done into his mother tongue by E. A. Bowring 1860-09-29 Once a Week Illustrator 293
Non Satis 1860-11-17 Once a Week Illustrator 300
A Life Story 1861-02-02 Once a Week Illustrator 430
On Her Death-bed. A Lullaby 1861-05-25 Once a Week Illustrator 447
“A Time to Dance!” 1861-10 Good Words Illustrator 391
The Hotel Garden 1861-12-28 Once a Week Illustrator 869
Metempsychosis 1862-03-08 Once a Week Illustrator 885
Three Score and Ten 1862-05-31 Once a Week Illustrator 899
“Only” 1862-10-25 Once a Week Illustrator 924
The Cilician Pirates. (Temp. Pompeii Magni) 1863-04 The Cornhill Magazine Illustrator 12072
The Night Before the Morrow 1863-07 The Cornhill Magazine Illustrator 12199
The Old Corporal. (From Béranger) 1864-04-16 Once a Week Illustrator 577
Lady Julia 1866-09-01 Once a Week Illustrator 13467
Joan of Arc 1867-11 The Cornhill Magazine Illustrator 12112
“Under the Elm” 1872 Good Words Illustrator 2206
La Chute des Feuilles. (From the French of Millevoye) 1881-12 The Cornhill Magazine Translator 12109