The Cilician Pirates. (Temp. Pompeii Magni)

Figure descriptions
Two lavish pirates lounge atop a raised platform on a ship deck. They are adorned with flowing cloths and jewellery and sit atop a tiger pelt. The woman (Lycoris) sits at the feet of the man (Serapio) and leans into him. She rests her right elbow against the knee of his outstretched leg and dangles a bunch of grapes in the air with her left arm. There is a table to their left on which stands a decorated drinking glass and an overflowing fruit stand. Around the central figures, enslaved and enchained men labour shirtless in crowded boats, rowing and heaving on ropes and sails. Additional pirates drink leisurely in the background. The main ship is lined with garlands and all the male pirates wear laurel wreaths. Full-page illustration contained in a single-ruled border.