Non Satis.

A woman is standing in a garden. Her body is turned away from the viewer but she is looking down over her left shoulder. She is standing against a lattice fence that is almost completely covered with vines. There is a flower beside her and a tree behind the fence. 1/2 page.
Tis not enough to see thee, like a star1
That rises on our sight when eve is clear,2
Which all may view—but all must view afar.3
’Tis not enough to watch thee, as the moon4
Gazes on earth with stedfast face, but ne’er5
May voice with voice exchange and intertune.6
’Tis not enough to meet thee as by chance7
In lighted rooms, and feign a cold repose,—8
Whereas I tremble to thy siightest glance.9
’Tis not enough to cross thee in the glare10
Of day, when serried friends thy path inclose,—11
Content the sunlight of thy smile to share.12
No ! I am jealous of all senseless things13
That near and touch thee—of the fluttering wind14
That dallies round with fond, familiar wings,15
And dares to kiss thine eyes and lift the tress16
From thy blue temple ;— of the jewel blind17
Upon thy bosom pillow’d, passionless.18
And I could rend the flower that thou dost pluck,19
And drink its odour with thy nostvrils fine,20
And taste its honey which the bee did suck.21
Oh ! I could kiil thy sleek caressing hound22
That feels thy hand, and blameless inay entwine23
Thy feet, whene’er he choose to bound.24
For I would have thee, as the miser hoards25
His idol gold, lock’d close with ponderous key,26
In chest of brazen lands round ebon boards27
I could not rest until with sails unfurl’d28
I bore my treasure o’er the secret sea,29
To some oasis of the desert world.30
Because I want thee ALL ;— and nothing less31
Than thy whole being would my heart suffice,—32
Thee and thy love entire I must possess.33
No jot withheld,—no atom of thy love34
Passing the sphere of adamantine ice,35
Within whose vault we must in oneness move.36