‘Would to God!’

Figure descriptions
A girl (a captive maid) and a woman (her mistress) walk together. The woman holds her hands to her chest and looks down at the girl. The girl extends her hand, palm up toward the woman, and holds a small jug in her left hand. Behind them, a bearded man lies on a decorated, raised platform. The poem text identifies the three figures as Middle-Eastern: the setting is next to Jordan’s stream. The woman and girl wear dresses that have feathered fringes and geometric designs along the hems. They wear multiple kinds of jewellery, including a necklace, earrings, and an arm band. Both walk barefoot and wear their hair down. The man wears a tall hat and clothing that resembles the other figures’ dresses in decoration. He drapes a blanket over his body and holds a scroll in his right hand. There is a mural behind the three figures depicting a bearded angelic figure and a man leading a camel. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.