The Bands of Love

Figure descriptions
Sickroom scene depicting an embrace between a woman dressed in black and a young bed-ridden woman. The young woman’s eyes are closed and the elder woman sits on the edge of her bed, holding her upper body up with one arm. The young woman’s head rests on the elder woman’s bosom. There are small tables on either side of the bed: a small vase with flowers sits on the left-side table, and a water jug sits on the right-side table. A framed piece of art that appears to be a portrait hangs above the bed. There is a wooden chair at the left side of the bed, where the elder woman was formerly seated. Her dress drapes over the chair. On the far side of the bed, the head of a third figure is partially seen. This figure is kneeling and resting their head on the bed. 1/2-page illustration contained within a medium weight single-ruled border.