A Score of Years Ago.

Down by the breaking waves we stood,1
Upon the rocky shore ;2
The brave waves whisper’d courage,3
And hid with friendly roar4
The falt’ring words that told the tale5
I dared not tell before.6
I ask’d, if with the priceless gift,7
Her love, my life she’d bless ?8
Was it her voice, or some fair wave,—9
For, sooth, I scarce may guess,—10
Some murmuring wave, or her sweet voice,11
That lisp’d so sweetly  “ Yes.”12
And then, in happy silence, too,13
I clasp’d her fair wee hand ;14
And long we stood there, carelessly,15
While o’er the darkening land16
The sun set, and the fishing-boats17
Were sailing from the strand.18
A man and a woman sit on a bench by the seashore. There are cliffs lined with trees in the distance. The man has his arm around the woman. A dog looks at the couple. 1/2 page.
It seems not many days ago—19
Like yesterday,—no more,20
Since thus we stood, my love and I,21
Upon the rocky shore ;22
But I was four-and-twenty then,23
And now I’m forty-four.24
The lily hand is thinner now,25
And in her sunny hair26
I see some silvery lines, and on27
Her brow some lines of care ;28
But, wrinkled brow, or silver locks,29
She’s not one whit less fair.30
The fishing-boats a score of years31
Go sailing from the strand ;32
The crimson sun a score of years33
Sets o’er the darkening land ;34
And here to-night upon the cliff35
We’re standing hand-in-hand.36
My darling, there’s our eldest girl,37
Down on the rocks below ;38
What’s Stanley doing by her side ?”39
My wife says,  “ You should know :40
He’s telling her what you told me41
A score of years ago.”42