Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: -a-a-a

Total poems: 20
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
The Veteran Tar Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym Delta, ) 1830-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10059
Elfrida Shipton, Anna (née Savage) 1850 The Keepsake 5687
Angels In The Air Partridge, Samuel William 1850-02-16 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6059
Eye-Memory Campbell, (Robert) Calder 1850-04-27 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6068
The Orphan’s Voyage Home Earle 1850-06-08 Household Words 1088
City Graves Lewis, John Delaware 1850-12-14 Household Words 1154
Love M. (poet; Good Words) 1860-03 Good Words 320
Ministering to Christ J. E. (poet; Good Words) 1860-04 Good Words 1240
Requital Procter, Adelaide Anne 1860-05-01 The English Woman’s Journal 1651
The Meeting Worsley, Philip Stanhope 1860-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7783
A Score of Years Ago Watson, L. 1860-10-06 Once a Week 294
The Swans of Wilton Thornbury, George Walter 1860-10-06 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6780
An Autumn Psalm for 1860 Craik, Dinah 1860-12 Good Words 365
Hop-Gathering Williams, Sarah 1868-07-01 Good Words 1906
In God’s Acre Mackay, Charles 1870-05-07 All the Year Round 3819
Spring Smail, James (pseudonym Matthew Gotterson) 1880-02-21 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7293
A Dear Little Maid of Two Johnston, Henry 1890 Good Words 4038
“Would I were a little Merman” Strachey, Jane Maria 1890-01 Atalanta 1964
The London Necropolis Woking King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1890-08 Atalanta 2043
A Gray Day Wood, Sam (pseudonym Mortimer Mansell) 1900-01-27 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12432