Sunshine streaming gaily,1
Skies of deeper blue,2
Crimson-budded woodlands,3
Fields of greener hue,4
Tell the winter-weary5
Spring returns anew.6
All is now forgotten,7
As the wild-birds sing,8
Of the biting north blast—9
Winter’s numbing sting10
And of weary longing11
For the jocund Spring :12
For the vernal sweetness13
Screens the darksome past ;14
Light falls where the shadows15
Erst were grim and fast :16
In the lifeful present17
All is joy at last.18
Shouts and youthful laughter19
Rise from out the dells20
Where the runlets babble,21
Where the primrose dwells,22
Where the cups and daisies23
Leave their winter cells.24
Over hill and valley,25
Through the meadows gay,26
By the brimming rivers27
Countless roamers stray,28
Glad and sunny-hearted29
As the sun-bright day.30
Age and youth a-level,31
Sage and wayward boy,32
Feel the sweet heart-throbbing,33
All the life and joy34
Of bright April’s bringing35
Gifts that never cloy.36
Sunlight streaming gaily,37
Rain in sunny showers,38
Balmy west winds blowing,39
Groups of infant flowers,40
Hearts with pleasure beating41
Fill the merry hours.42