A Dear Little Maid of Two.

Ill sing you a song to a nursery tune,1
Of a dear little maid of two,2
Who has peachen cheeks and rosebud lips,3
And eyes of a soft sea-blue ;4
With charms of a gleeful innocence,5
That are ripe at the age of two.6
She is not an angel, no, no, no,7
And heaven be praised for that ;8
She is fairily human from top to toe,9
With limbs that are daintily fat,10
And where she trots, be it high or low,11
There is wealth of surprising chat.12
Somebody’s heart is strong and brave,13
And Somebody’s love is true,14
By day, by night, they are amply tried15
By this little maid of two ;16
But Somebody’s love would never tire,17
Had it ten times more to do.18
What reward does Somebody get19
Dear dreamer with eyes of blue ?20
A kiss, a smile, from the roguish pet,21
A tender caress or two.22
Why, each of these is a heaven of bliss,23
From a sweet little maid like you.24
Come, happy maid, with the sea-bright eyes,25
And prattle about my knee,26
Then lay that soft round cheek to mine,27
And laugh in innocent glee ;28
That childish talk and downy touch29
Give joy and strength to me.30
Then grow, my sweet, as well as you may,31
And be like Somebody, true,32
For high-born dames of noblest heart33
Have been as tiny as you34
And in the maiden of twenty-one35
May we find the maid of two !36