Figure descriptions
A woman who wears a bonnet holds a small child and stands between large hedges in front of a cottage home. A second, older child walks behind her. A rough, overgrown path extends in front of the figures. Large trees surround the house. 3/4-page illustration contained in a single-ruled border.
Anthropomorphic illustration of two swallows standing together on a ledge. The bird in the foreground carries a suitcase while the other bird carries a hat and an umbrella. A sign is pinned to the ledge in front of the two birds: it reads, “THIS DESIRABLE RESIDENCE TO BE LET NEWLY DECORATED RENT[...] APPLY [...]”. There is a nest above the sign. Above the two birds the following words appear in hand-drawn lettering: “MAY.”, “SWALLOWS”, “ARRIVE”. 1/2 page.