The Land of Cocaigne

Figure descriptions
A young boy sits on a step and holds an opened book in his lap. He looks ahead towards the viewer. The rest of the illustration shows flames, clouds, and fantastical figures; it appears to be the child’s daydream. On one side of the boy, a dog sits and looks up at him. On the other side, a cherub rides a lizard. A fairy stands on a toy ball and whispers in the boy’s ear. Two cherubs fly above his head and look down at him. To the far right, two more cherubs ride a giraffe in front of a brick wall. Above him, a knight rides a saddled horse and points his spear toward a very large bat. They are both surrounded by flames and smoke. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.
A cherub bows towards a boy who sits on a toy horse. The cherub holds a large key and gestures towards it with his other hand. The boy holds a banner over his shoulder; it is made from a square piece of cloth tied to a stick. At the center of the illustration, there is a small sign pointing to the left side of the page that displays the title of the poem, “The Land of Cocaigne”. A bird perches on the sign. 1/3-page illustration partially contained within a single-ruled border that runs along the bottom portion of the illustration.