A Song of Seasons

Figure descriptions
A fairy sits on a branch that has thorns, flowers, and leaves extending from it. The fairy holds a leaf in her hand and looks down over her left shoulder. She wears a hat and a cloth draped around her body so that it exposes one breast. The fairy and the branch are superimposed over a dark circle which is bordered by thorns. The branch and the fairy’s wings, hair, hat, and feet extend beyond the borders of the circle. 1/6 page.
A woman sits on the ground and sleeps. Her head rests in her hand and she holds an open book in her lap. The book’s pages are blank. The woman wears a dark dress decorated with a foliate and vegetal pattern which features large, puffed sleeves. She is surrounded by tall grass and plants; while flowers blossom from some of the stems, the heads of babies extend from others. Most of these heads face the woman and her book. There is a castle in the background as well as a bird and clouds in the sky. Full-page illustration contained within a thick single-ruled border.