Ode 25.

Whither, Bacchus, full of thee,1
Am I rapt in ecstasy ?2
In what caves, what bowers among3
Fluttering, shall be heart my song ;4
Lifting Cæsar, earth above.5
To the stars and state of Jove?6
Strange and wonderful, of yore7
Undivulged the lay I pour.8
Such the gaze they priestess throws,9
Roused from sleep o’er Tracia’s snows10
Hebrus and while Rhodope11
Trod by frantic foot. I see12
Marvelling, as I onward rove,13
Towering cliff and lonely grove.14
Lord of Naiad, Bacchanal15
Train uprooting ashes tall !16
Tame, or low, or mortal I17
Nought will sing. ’Tis sweet to try18
Perils scorn’d, the God to trace,19
Whose brow the vine’s green tendrils grace.20