Song of the Bird, in Armid’s Enchanted Garden : from Tasso.

And all amid that fair enchanted ground, 1
A lovely minstrel’s lovely strain was heard, 2
High on his bending bough, a beauteous bird, 3
With gorgeous wings unfolding, poured the sound : 4
And wondrous was the song that bird did sing, 5
For speech it seemed, and ye the words might know, 6
Yet like a wild bird’s warbling did it flow, 7
That ear, heart, soul, were won with his sweet carolling.8
Ah ! see, deep-blushing in her green recess, 9
The bashful virgin rose, that half-revealing, 10
And half, within herself, herself concealing, 11
Is lovelier for her hidden loveliness. 12
Lo ! soon her glorious beauty she discovers : 13
Soon droops :— —and sheds her leaves of faded hue :14
—Can this be She,—the Flower,—erewhile that drew15
The heartof thousand maids, of thousand longing lovers ?16
So fleeteth, in the fleeting of a day, 17
Of mortal life the green leaf, and the flower, 18
And not, though Spring return to every bower, 19
Buds forth again soft leaf, or blossom gay.20
Gather the rose ! beneath the beauteous morning21
Of this bright day, that soon will overcast.22
O gather love’s sweet rose, that yet doth last !23
Love, in Youth’s lovely prime ! ere aged love meet scorning.24