The Voice From the Tomb.

Σάββατον ὅλον πίναμε, τὴν κύριακ’ ὅλ’ ἡμέρα.
Two days we held our festival—two days we feasted high ;1
And on the third our wine was done—both cask and cup were dry.2
The captain sent me forth alone to seek a fresh supply ;3
But nothing of the way I knew, for stranger there was I.4
I took the first frequented path : it brought me to a cave5
Another led me through the wood—another to the wave ;6
At last I reach’d a rising ground, where many a cluster’d grave7
Mark’d, with its cross and figured stone, the dwelling of the brave.8
One stood apart from all the rest—one low and lonely bed ;9
I saw it not, but, wandering on, I stepp’d upon its head ;10
And lo ! I heard a voice beneath—a voice as from the dead,11
Like thunder subterranean, in answer to my tread.12
What hast thou there, O lonely tomb ?— what cause disturbs thy rest ?13
The black earth heap’d too heavily—the stone upon thy breast ?”14
I am not wearied with the stone, nor by the mould opprest ;15
It is thine own unhallow’d step that wakes me from my rest !16
Remove thy foot from off my head, thou stranger of the night,17
And trouble not the sleep of him who fought his country’s fight ;18
For I have been a young man too, in glory and in might,19
And wander’d on the mountain side when the moon was shining bright.”20