Mr. Bull’s Second Song.

The Sly Little Man.

There are some of my neighbours who say of my song,1
Old Taurus is surely a little too strong : ”2
They ask how I speak of so strange a design3
In a pleasant and peaceable neighbour ” of mine ?4
And they think that the plan5
Of the sly little man6
Is merely to keep what he has, if he can.7
But did he not say to us, not long ago,8
Come over some day—I have something to show ” ? 9
And did we not, some of us, see on the spot,10
What a pleasant and peaceable neighbour ” we’ve got ?11
And that it’s the plan12
Of the sly little man13
To bother my buttons whenever he can ?14
Besides, I have not quite forgotten the day15
When he got his own House in that queer sort of way :16
And although when we meet I may give him my hand,17
There’s a something about him I don’t understand ;18
And my Wife shakes her fan,19
And says, “ Johnny, my Man,20
That feller will ravage us all, if he can !21
He talks very civil and pleasant, ’tis true,22
But I never much care for your mere parley voo :23
And if you, my own Johnny, would hold your own place,24
You’ll let him talk on till he’s black in the face,25
And take your wife’s plan26
Like a sensible man,27
And make all about you as safe as you can.”28
And I think my Old Woman is not so far wrong ;29
So I laugh at my neighbours, and stick to my Song :30
I stick to my song, and my bolts and my bars31
I stick to my Rifle—and thank my kind stars32
That, though a plain man,33
I see the true plan34
Is to make Bullock’s Hatch all as snug as I can.35