Our Worthy Friend Nap.

A New Song.

[To the tune of Nottingham Ale .]


Our worthy friend Nap, as we all of us feel,1
Has a dangerous liking for everything free :2
The freedom of France he devoured at a meal,3
And you never know what his next morsel will be.4
Free Trade here in Britain5
We thought we had hit on ;6
No swaddling bands longer its limbs should enwrap ;7
But it now appears better8
Its freedom to fetter9
And surrender it bound to our worthy friend Nap.10


Our worthy friend Nap, in commencing his reign,11
Proclaimed his idea, “ The Empire is Peace ;”12
But from recent disclosures the Empire, ’tis plain,13
Is also the seizure of Savoy and Nice.14
Of a friend so pacific15
The cost is terrific !16
’Tis He in our balance-sheet makes such a gap ;17
While the Treaty and Budget18
I’m glad you don’t grudge it19
Throw a few millions more as a sop to friend Nap.20


Lest our worthy friend Nap should invade us some day ;21
Our armies and fleets have been kept pretty large ;22
Our soldiers and sailors can’t serve without pay,23
Though our brave-hearted Riflemen lessen the charge.24
But the treaty (whose maker25
Is clearly some Quaker)26
Bids us lie down and sleep in security’s lap ;27
Being all in his favour,28
It insures good behaviour,29
For as longs as it lasts, in our worthy friend Nap.30


And in case by mistake a dispute should arise,31
’Tis a comfort the struggle will quickly be o’er ;32
From the Treaty’s effects, as its authors surmise,33
Small resistance he’ll meet when he touches our shore,34
To despatch us the quicker35
He removes our malt liquor,36
And sends us sour claret our courage to sap ;37
While a special condition38
Secures ammunition39
In our iron and coal for the use of friend Nap.40


Then perish the land that would stop his advance,41
Or would seek his ambition by landmarks to bound !42
And welcome o’er Europe the Empire of France,43
Though we pay as the price our full Shilling a Pound !44
’Tis useless to twit us45
With things that commit us,46
Or with former opinions to give us a slap :47
One can’t be consistent48
When dates are so distant ;49
So hurrah for the Budget, friend Bright and friend Nap !50