In Praise of Vulcan.

I.—The Forth Bridge.

When the wild men from Pentland’s shaggy side1
Stared at the Fifeshire woodlands, did they dream2
This fiery dragon with its lungs of steam3
Would make the heaven its pathway, and would glide4
With cloud and sound above the wondering tide ?5
Could they have hoped hot Haste would drive its team6
Straight for the gulf, and leap yon ocean stream,7
High o’er Inchgarvie’s isle, with double stride ?8
Nay, but the heart of iron was in the land,9
The soul of fire, the strength of lifted arm ;10
The breath of wind was theirs ; one thing alone11
They knew not—this—how God Himself had planned12
Mortals should conquer Earth, and bind in one13
Our broken world, with commerce for a charm.14