My Christian Name.

My Christian name—my Christian name,1
I never hear it now :2
None have the right to utter it ;3
’Tis lost—I know not how :4
My worldly name the world speaks loud—5
Thank God for well-earned fame !—6
But silence sits at my cold hearth—7
I have no household name.8
My Christian name—my Christian name,9
It has an uncouth sound :10
My mother chose it out of those11
In Bible pages found :12
Mother ! whose accents made most sweet13
What else I held in shame,14
Dost thou yet whisper up in heaven15
My poor, lost Christian name ?16
Brothers and sisters, mockers oft17
Of the quaint name I bore,18
Would I could burst Death’s gates to hear19
Some call it out once more !20
One speaks it still—in written lines—21
The last fraternal claim :22
But the wide seas between us drown23
Its sound—my Christian name !24
I had a dream for years. One voice25
Might breathe this homely word26
As love breathes : I had swooned with joy27
Had I my name thus heard.28
Oh, dumb, dumb lips ! Oh crushed, crushed heart !29
Oh grief, past pride, past shame !30
To die—to die, and never hear31
Thee speak my Christian name !32
God send thee bliss !— God send me rest !33
If thou with footsteps calm34
Shouldst trace my bleeding feet, God make35
To thee each blood-drop—balm.36
Peace to these pangs ! Mother ! put forth37
Thine elder, holier claim ;38
And the first word I hear in heaven39
May be—my Christian name !40