My Christian Name.

My Christian name—my Christian name,1
I never hear it now :2
None have the right to utter it ;3
’Tis lost—I know not how :4
My worldly name the world speaks loud—5
Thank God for well-earned fame ! —6
But silence sits at my cold hearth—7
I have no household name.8
My Christian name—my Christian name,9
It has an uncouth sound :10
My mother chose it out of those11
In Bible pages found :12
Mother ! whose accents made most sweet13
What else I held in shame,14
Dost thou yet whisper up in heaven15
My poor, lost Christian name ?16
Brothers and sisters, mockers oft17
Of the quaint name I bore,18
Would I could burst Death’s gates to hear19
Some call it out once more !20
One speaks it still—in written lines—21
The last fraternal claim :22
But the wide seas between us drown23
Its sound—my Christian name !24
I had a dream for years. One voice25
Might breathe this homely word26
As love breathes : I had swooned with joy27
Had I my name thus heard.28
Oh, dumb, dumb lips ! Oh crushed, crushed heart !29
Oh grief, past pride, past shame !30
To die—to die, and never hear31
Thee speak my Christian name !32
God send thee bliss ! —God send me rest !33
If thou with footsteps calm34
Shouldst trace my bleeding feet, God make35
To thee each blood-drop—balm.36
Peace to these pangs ! Mother ! put forth37
Thine elder, holier claim ;38
And the first word I hear in heaven39
May be—my Christian name !40