Hail, happy Dalkey ! Queen of isles,1
A ere justice reigns and freedom smiles !2
In Dalkey, justice holds her state3
Unaided by the prison-gate :4
No subjects of King Stephen lie5
In loathsome cells, they know not why ;6
Health, peace, good- humour in music’s soft strains,7
Invite and unite us on Dalkey’s wide plains.8
No flimsy bailiff enters here9
No trading justice dare appear10
No soldier asks his comrade whether11
The sheriff has yet cleaned his feather ;12
Our soldiers here deserve the name,13
Nor wear a feather they don’t pluck from fame !14
How much unlike those wretched realms15
Where wicked statesmen guide the helms !16
Here no first-rate merchants breaking ;17
Here no first-rate vessels taking ;18
Here no shameful peace is making ;19
Here we snap no apt occasion20
On pretences of invasion ;21
Here informers get no pensions22
To repay their foul inventions ;23
Here no secret, dark committee24
Spreads corruption through the city.25
No placemen nor pensioners here are haranguing,26
No soldiers are shooting, no seamen are hanging ;27
No mutiny reigns in the army or fleet,28
For our orders are just, our commanders discreet !’29