The Magnetic Telegraph.

Along the smooth and slender wires1
The sleepless heralds run,2
Fast as the clear and living rays3
Go streaming from the sun.4
No peals or flashes, heard or seen,5
Their wondrous flight betray ;6
And yet their words are strongly felt7
In cities far away.8
Nor summer’s heat, nor winter’s hail,9
Can check their rapid course ;10
They meet unmoved the fierce wind’s rage—11
The rough wave’s sweeping force ;12
In the long night of rain and wrath,13
As in the blaze of day,14
They rush, with news of weal or wo,15
To thousands far away.16
But faster still than tidings borne17
On that electric cord,18
Rise the pure thoughts of him who loves19
The Christian’s life and Lord20
Of him who, taught, in smiles and tears,21
With fervent lips to pray,22
Maintains high converse here on earth23
With bright worlds far away.24
Ay ! though nor outward wish is breathed,25
Nor outward answer given,26
The sighing of that humble heart27
Is known and felt in heaven :28
Those long frail wires may bend and break,29
Those viewless heralds stray,30
But Faith’s least word shall reach the throne31
Of God, though far away.32