When Nature wears her russet gown,1
And swallows to the south have flown2
When grapes turn purple on the wall,3
And from the boughs the ripe pears fall4
When lambs and sheep grow thick with wool,5
Then Autumn’s lap with fruit is full.6
When corn is gathered in the barn,7
And reeds are rattling in the tarn8
When partridges in coveys fly,9
And dogs and men are company10
When squirrels fill their nutty store,11
Then Autumn’s morn with frost is hoar.12
When sleep-mice hide their sleek fat forms,13
And deep in earth bore ringèd worms14
When leaves come rustling down from trees,15
And flies the cattle cease to tease,16
Then oak his sturdy arms doth bare17
To battle with the autumn air.18
When silent robins beg for crumbs,19
And old men fumble with their thumbs20
When fires shew again in halls,21
And bats hook on to dark warm walls,22
Then cold wind whistles o’er the moor,23
And Autumn shuts the summer door.24