The Summer Wind.

The breezes come, the breezes pass,1
And up the glen they run, revealed2
Against an overflowing field3
Of gleaming undulating grass.4
Like benedictions on the earth,5
Like blessings on the summer day,6
They make a soul more glad than gay,7
And wake a joy more deep than mirth.8
The troubles of the town increase ;9
But here there is no stir nor strife,10
And here ’tis good to bring a life11
To be persuaded back to peace.12


I wish the year contained a day13
When none should suffer, die, or weep :14
One rest for all upon the steep,15
One well for all beside the way.16
The town is very tired. Alas !17
Its thin smile cannot mask its pain ;18
And they are rich enough who gain19
Cool breezes and a couch of grass.20