A Letter From Home.

Dainty little missive,1
What dost thou contain :2
Tidings of a lover,3
News of loss or gain ?4
Message from a mother5
To an absent son ;6
Word of some life’s battle7
Bravely fought and won ?8
Scent of dew-clad roses9
Borne across the sea ;10
Murmur of the pine-tree11
Dear to memory ?12
Song of sweeping oar-blades,13
Purling of a stream,14
Overhanging willows,15
And a sweet day-dream ?16
Beetling bats in twilight,17
Vesper song of birds,18
Hush of night descending,19
Thoughts too sweet for words ?20


Far away from home-life,21
In an alien land,22
Letter, thou art welcomed23
With an outstretched hand.24