Songs for the People.

No V.

What is a Chartist—is he one1
Whose creed is anarchy and spoil ?2
Is blood the basis of his plan,3
And does he ply the imposter’s guile ?4
He dares the authors of his ills5
From word or action to infer6
That these compose his principles7
That this is like his character.8
He, with indignant sorrow, hears9
The prayer of want and wail of woe10
Fall heedless on the tyrant’s ears,11
And swears that such shall not be so.12
Along the city’s crowded streets,13
And in the once contented cot,14
The willing sons of toil he meets,15
Now unemployed, and weeps their lot.16
By foul corruption’s lavish waste17
By faction’s lust for power and place,18
He sees his land to ruin haste,19
And strives to save it frem disgrace.20
He knows that men are equals born,21
But sees the many by the few22
Are of their birthright basely shorn,23
And holds the robbery up to view.24
He says that all should have the choice25
Of those for them that legislate ;26
For well he knows the people’s voice27
Their wrongs alone can terminate.28
He says—and wealth at this may storm29
That there is many a wealthy fool ;30
And rank and riches should not form31
The right of any one to rule.32
Oppression, in its every guise,33
Against the body or the mind,34
He hates, and fain would exercise35
Good will and peace to all mankind.36
This is a Chartist—who will say37
His claims are wicked and unjust ?38
Keep patriot, then, your conquering way,39
Till opposition bites the dust.40
Soon happiness and liberty41
Shall crown the battle you have fought,42
And Whig and Tory only be43
Remembered by the wrongs they wrought.44
Be steadfast in your glorious cause,45
Tho’ here and there some victims fall46
Till equal rights and equal laws47
Shall be secured to one and all.48