The Scottish Emigrant’s Farewell.

Air,— “ Traveller’s Return.

Farewell, a lang, a last fareweel 1
Auld Scotia unto thee,2
The coming night-cloud soon shall hide3
Thy dark green hills frae me.4
Thy breeze blaws freshly frae the shore—5
bark bounds o’er the wave,6
I go to seek a distant hame7
To fill a distant grave.8
Sad thoughts of childhood’s early scenes9
Now flit across my brain ;10
My native vale, my native brook11
I’ll never see again,12
The burning tear-drap wets my cheek,13
And o’ my heart is sair14
To think of those I’ve left behind15
To meet again nae mair.16
Lang, lang I strove with adverse fate,17
Lang, lang I strove in vain ;18
’Tis stern necessity that sends19
Me o’er the briny main.20
Yet gentle hope still cheers my heart21
With prospects bright and gay,22
And independence calls me on,23
And seems to lead the way.24
Then fare-ye-weel, my native land,25
Now faded in the night,26
Thy dark green hills have pass’d away27
For ever frae my sight.28
But death’s dark night shall fall on me,29
And mem’ry frae me part,30
Before the thoughts of thee and thine31
Shall ever leave my heart.32