Hurrah for the Charter.

Air,— “ Hurrah for the Highlands.

Hurrah for the Charter, stern freedom’s own Charter,1
Before which oppressors and tyrants must flee ;2
O ’tis dear to the breast of the poor and opprest,3
Awak’ning a hope that we soon shall be free.4
Too long have the hard-fated children of toil5
To a proud aristocracy bended the knee,6
But a happier prospect now dawns on our isle,7
For the Charter from thraldom shall soon set us free.8
Hurrah, &c.9
Tho’ proud-hearted task-masters treat us with scorn10
Tho’ an unfeeling priesthood against us may stand,11
Yet justice and freedom shall rise as the morn,12
And the Charter ere long be the law of the land.13
Hurrah, &c.14
Then knowledge shall open her portals to all,15
And the fiend superstition shall flee our loved isle,16
While priestcraft and tyranny quickly will fall,17
And the lab’rer will then reap the fruit of his toil.18
Hurrah, &c.19