Touch not that Sword.

Touch not that sword, if thy heart’s not o’erflowing1
With hatred to tyrants of every grade ;2
Touch not that sword, if thou hast not been sowing3
The seeds that will throw thy oppressors in shade :4
But if thou hast, then heave on high5
Its bright point sparkling to the sky ;6
And may his glorious spirit in thy daring bosom swell,7
Who first, despite a tyrant’s wrath,8
Most nobly drew it from the sheath,9
And brandish’d it aloft in air, the great William Tell !10
The tyrant frown’d high, and his slaves gather’d round him,11
A grim-looking multitude darkening the heath12
But Liberty’s son call’d his heroes—they found him13
Displaying the standard of freedom or death.14
The tyrant mov’d his host along15
They march’d with shouting and with song ;16
But every shout serv’d only for their haughty master’s
The Switzer’ s band like lightening gave18
Line after line unto the grave,19
And glory crown’d for aye the head of William Tell !20
Switzerland, bursting the bolt and the rivet,21
All lustrous appeared in liberty’s robe22
The broken chain dash’d to the black ho that gave it :23
A glorious example to all round the globe.24
From lofty hall to lowly cot25
Was heard the soul-enlivening note26
Even the falling avalanche was heard to sing “ All’s
Well ;”
And ever will the patriot wake28
That strain which will for ever make29
A tide of living light surround great William Tell.30