The Factory Child.

The following poem is the production of a youth
brought up in a factory:—
Now spring is come, wi’ gentle showers,1
To deck the fields sae braw ;2
The lavrock’s singing o’er the lea,3
The lintie in the shaw ;4
The mavis’ mellow notes are heard5
In evenings calm and mild,6
And a’ is blythe at spring’s return,7
But the weari’t fact’ry child.8
The daisies noo begin to spread,9
And deck the barren leas ;10
And buds begin, wi’ opening leaves,11
To cleed the naked trees :12
But flowers may bloom, and birds may sing,13
Amang the woods sae wild14
Nature is a’ unheard or seen15
By the weari’t fact’ry child.16
The primrose, noo, blooms on the brae,17
Beside the wimpling stream,18
Whar lovers aft, wi’ beating hearts,19
At gloaming, meet unseen ;20
The birds that winters cold had tamed21
Are timorous, noo, and wild ;22
Through nature a’ revives in spring23
But the weari’t fact’ry child.24
The shepherd tripping on the hill,25
Fu’ blythe his sheep amang :26
And ploughman whistling at his plough,27
Ne’er think the day ow’re lang ;28
While round the fire, wi’ mirth at e’en,29
Their cares are a’ beguiled30
A pleasure that is never known31
To the weari’t fact’ry child.32
Confined within the factory walls,33
To breathe unwholesome air,34
His weary life still lingers on,35
Oppress’d wi’ toil and care.36
The wanely cheek, the sickly form,37
The ghaistly look sae wild38
Nae zephyr blaw wi’ health to cheer39
The weari’t fact’ry child.40