Strangers Yet !

Strangers yet ! 1
After years of life together,2
After fair and stormy weather,3
After travel in far lands,4
After touch of wedded hands,—5
Why thus joined ? why ever met ?6
If they must be strangers yet.7
Strangers yet !8
After childhood’s winning ways,9
After care, and blame, and praise,10
Counsel asked, and wisdom given,11
After mutual prayers to Heaven,12
Child and parent scarce regret13
When they part—are strangers yet.14
Strangers yet !15
After strife for common ends,16
After title of old friends,17
After passion fierce and tender,18
After cheerful self-surrender,19
Hearts may beat and eyes be wet,20
And the souls be strangers yet.21
Strangers yet !22
Strange and bitter thought to scan23
All the loneliness of man !24
Nature by magnetic laws25
Circle unto circle draws ;26
Circles only touch when met,27
Never mingle—strangers yet.28
Strangers yet !29
Will it evermore be thus30
Spirits still impervious ?31
Shall we ever fairly stand32
Soul to soul, as hand to hand ?33
Are the bounds eternal set34
To retain us strangers yet ?35
Strangers yet !36
Tell not love it must aspire37
Unto something other—higher :38
God himself were loved the best,39
Were man’s sympathies at rest ;40
Rest above the strain and fret41
Of the world of strangers yet !42
Strangers yet !43