Perfect Weather.

Perfect weather !’  once on a time1
Exclaimed a lady sweet :2
For the air3
Was rare4
Under cedar and lime,5
And the scythe6
Sang blithe7
In the matin grass ;8
And the blossoms did greet9
That lady’s feet10
Lightest feet that ever might pass11
Over the fragrant thyme.12
Perfect weather !’  but came the rain,13
And the swift electric flash ;14
There was stoop15
And droop16
Of the mellowing grain ;17
There was hush18
Of thrush19
And of nightingale ;20
While the thunder’s crash21
And the strong storm’s splash22
Fluttered, yet freshened, the foliage frail23
With a stern tyrannic reign.24
’Tis impossible quite to tell you whether25
My rhyme a moral hath.26
Not amiss27
Take this,28
That a young knight’s feather,29
With a toss30
The rain-drencht lawn,32
Came, as a path33
He made through the rathe34
Grass to a chamber far withdrawn,35
Where they found it perfect weather !36