Death in the Kitchen

Figure descriptions
Multiple figures gather in a kitchen. They all look toward a bald man, identified in the poem caption as Corporal Trim, who stands with a cane at the center of the scene. The Corporal is dressed in uniform, and his hat lies on the ground by his feet. A woman stands to the Corporal’s left and places her right hand upon his shoulder. She wears a bonnet and an apron. With her left hand, she pulls up her apron to wipe a tear from her face. Directly to the Corporal’s right, one man sits in a chair holding a full mug. A second man stands at his side and a spotted dog lies at his feet under the chair. To the right of these two men, a woman wearing a bonnet and an apron tends to a pot on the open hearth. In front of them, a woman in an identical outfit kneels on the ground to scrub a large pan. A small pot lies on the ground beside her. There is a small table beside the hearth. Behind the first four figures, there is a large wooden plank, acting as a partial room divider. A cloth, a rope, and a hat lie on its top edge. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.