The Waters of Oblivion.

The waters of oblivion’s stream1
Effacing of this mortal day2
The scenes that lived in memory’s dream,3
From spirits pass’d away ;4
How blest, methinks, their healing balm5
That dew’d the soul in endless calm !6
For not alone did they efface7
The records memory loves to view,8
But blotted sorrow’s graven trace9
From her pale tablets too ;10
Wash’d out the woes of parted years,11
That made the eye a fount of tears ;12
Erased the heartstains of the past13
Regrets that haunt the brightest bowers,14
Like oft-returning clouds, and cast15
A shade on summer hours ;16
Remorse that comes our sleep to blight,17
Begirt with gloom and ghostly night.18
But oh ! that Lethe’s blessed wave19
Ne’er but in Fancy’s realm abode ;20
In the far world beyond the grave21
Its waters never flow’d,22
To banish from that future sphere23
One little record written here.24