The Stage-Struck Hero

Figure descriptions
A man stands on a table in a dimly lit room. He squats and holds one hand to his chest while holding a pair of scissors high in the air. The man’s mouth is wide open and he appears to be singing or shouting. Two men gather at the table below. On the left, a man sits in the shadows and holds both hands in the air. He holds an open book in one hand. His mouth is also open and he appears to gesture toward the man on the table. On the right, another man stands, smiles, and brings his hands together, as though he is clapping. The table is covered in objects, including a horseshoe, cloths, an iron, a spool of thread, a cup, and glasses. A bird in a cage hangs next to the window and a small chandelier hangs from the cracked ceiling. There are barrels and hanging clothes in the shadows of the background. A fourth man stands in the background in an open doorway. He frowns, looks up at the man on the table, and holds a cane in the air. Full page.