The China Mender

Figure descriptions
A woman approaches the counter of a china mender. The woman holds a small cloth in her hand, hangs a basket on one arm, and looks directly at the china mender. He returns her gaze and his mouth is open, as though he is speaking. The china mender holds a large china bowl in his left hand. With his right hand, he holds a tool on his counter. There is also a small cup and two urns on the counter. He is dressed in loose, light clothing and a head scarf. He wears small glasses, which he has pushed up onto his forehead. A bird cage, a broken piece of china, and a sign for his business hang on the brick wall behind him. There are also shelves in the shadowy background; they are lined with jugs and plates. There is a lattice window at the left side of the illustration. Vines grow above the window and along the bottom of his counter. Full page.