Three angels stand partially behind a cloud in the sky. They are surrounded by stars, one of which is a shooting star. The angel in the centre has a halo; she holds her hand in front of her chest with her palms facing the viewer. The adjacent angels have large wings. The angel on the left has her right hand on the centre angel’s waist. The angel on the right points up to the sky. There is a waxing crescent moon in the lower-right corner. Full-page illustration.

The Ascent of the Spirit.

Mourning on Earth.

She lay down in her poverty,1
Toil-stricken, though so young ;2
And the words of human sorrow3
Fell trembling from her tongue.4
There were palace-homes around her ;5
And pomp and pride swept by6
The walls of that poor chamber,7
Where she lay down to die.8
Two were abiding with her,9
The lowly of the earth,10
Her feeble, weeping sister,11
And she who gave her birth.12
She lay down in her poverty,13
Toil-stricken, though so young ;14
And the words of human sorrow15
Fell from her trembling tongue.16
Oh Lord, thick clouds of darknness17
About my soul are spread,18
And the waters of affliction19
Have gathered o’er my head !20
Yet what is life ?  A desert,21
Whose cheering springs are dry,—22
A weary, barren wilderness !—23
Still it is hard to die !24
For love, the clinging, deathless,25
Is with my life entwined ;26
And the yearning spirit doth rebel27
To leave the weak behind !28
Oh Saviour, who didst drain the dregs29
Of human woe and pain,30
In this, the fiercest trial-hour,31
My doubting soul sustain !32
I sink, I sink ! support me ;33
Deep waters round me roll !34
I fear ! I faint !  O Saviour,35
Sustain my sinking soul !”36

Rejoicing in Heaven.

Oh spirit, freed from bondage,37
Rejoice, thy work is done !38
The weary world is ’neath thy feet,39
Thou brighter than the sun !40
Arise, put on the garments41
Which the redeemed win !42
Now sorrow hath no part in thee,43
Thou sanctified from sin !44
Awake and breathe the living air45
Of our celestial clime !46
Awake to love which knows no change,47
Thou, who hast done with time !48
Awake, lift up thy joyful eyes,49
See, all heaven’s host appears ;50
And be thou glad exceedingly,51
Thou, who hast done with tears !52
Awake ! ascend !  Thou art not now53
With those of mortal birth,—54
The living God hath touched thy lips,55
Thou who hast done with earth ! ”56