The Cry of the Lonely.

He hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”


Let this suffice us, Lord !1
Let this suffice us in our darkest hours,2
When thoughts of speechless sadness weigh us down,3
And in the midst of friends we move alone4
Scared by the future that before us lowers !5
Let this suffice !6


Thou knowest all, our Lord !7
Thou who hast framed our hearts canst read them true,8
Thou know’st the doubts, the murmurs, the unrest,9
The thirst for love within the close-veiled breast ;10
We do not shrink from Thy all-pitying view11
Thou knowest all !12


No others know, dear Lord !13
Our fellow-mortal’s tenderest touch is rude,14
More apt to break than bind the bruisèd reed ;15
Laid bare to them each wound afresh would bleed ;16
They cannot help us even if they would17
No others know !18


So much has left us, Lord !19
Our youth, youth’s hopes have faded all away ;20
The flowers we prized have withered in our grasp,21
The hands we sought withdrawn them from our clasp,22
There shines no sunlight in our future day23
So much has left !24


So much will leave us, Lord !25
Trembling we count our good things still in view ;26
Some ties are left us still, unspoilt by tears ;27
They grow but stronger by the wear of years ;28
How shall we live when these are taken too ?29
So much will leave !30


Thou wilt not leave us, Lord !31
This is thy promise, stable as thy throne,32
Not only made to Israel of old,33
But each one gathered in the gospel fold34
May claim it as if said to him alone ;35
Thou wilt not leave !36


Thou never wilt forsake !37
Not for the sin that stains this very prayer,38
The doubts that darken while we speak of trust,39
The love that turns from thee to cling to dust ;40
Man could not bear with thee, but Thou wilt bear,41
Wilt not forsake !42