Omàr and the Persian

Figure descriptions
A crowd of men engage in a battle. The men all have thick, dark beards; they wear long, flowing robes and headscarves. Most of them hold swords and axes in the air. One man is prominent in the scene. He stands slightly off-center and holds a large, curved sword out in front of his body. He appears to be challenging a man who stands in the foreground. Other men surround the man with the large, curved sword, and lean in close to him. A man at the right side of the illustration holds a small dagger to this man’s face. The man in the foreground stands with his back turned to the viewer, facing the man with the large, curved sword. He grabs his beard with one hand and holds the other hand up in the air. A figure behind him uses a long pole to suspend a large, circular plate above his head. It seems to be shading him from the sun. Corpses lie on the ground. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.